May our Prayers be like Incense in Your Presence. PS141:2

It is an amazing privilege to acknowledge the awesome “finished” work of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It is worship when we testify of the goodness of Him who gave His life for all of humanity to be free from oppression and destruction in our spirit, soul and body.

Giving all honor to God, we at the Israel Prayer Tower (IPT) are grateful to the LORD for allowing us to partner with Him in what He is doing, in Jerusalem, in Israel and the nations of the world. We pray that you are encouraged by the following testimonies, from those who sought prayer for personal situations culminating in the answers they had hoped to receive.

I will proclaim your Name to my brothers and sisters, I will praise you among your assembled people.
Psalm 22:22; New Living Translation


This is a beautiful testimony of one of the intercessors who has been here for two weeks.

Dear Brother Paul

   I came across the vision of Israel Prayer Tower from April 2014 Jesus Calls Magazine, from that time on wards God put more burden in my heart to pray for the vision to be fulfilled and also God lead me to be part of this vision. I believe by immense grace, LORD took me to Israel Prayer Tower and to pray for peace of Jerusalem and pray for all the prophecies to be fulfilled which God revealed to you.

   I am so thankful and grateful to God, He gave me this wonderful opportunity to go to Israel and to fulfill His plan there and also I am so thankful and grateful to you and Jesus Calls coordinators who took care of all the arrangements in Israel Prayer tower.

   After return from Israel, I have seen favor of God wherever God leads me and most of my prayer is changed into prophetical prayer and now I would able to realize in my heart clearly the voice of God and correct leading of God. Also now whenever I read word of God, God opened my eyes to see the hidden truth about scriptures to make to understand the truth clearly. I believe now God is enabled me to enter into the prophetic realm and everything is controlled by power of the Holy Spirit. Here I am attaching few things which God reveled during chain prayer in Israel. Kindly read it. I am writing all things with Holy fear along with much prayer. Praise the LORD!! All Glory to Jesus!!





We also received the following wonderful testimonies:

  • Dana, an Indian care provider, has spent many years alone from family, in Israel earning money to support her family back home. Together, we prayed and the Lord opened the door for Dana’s husband to travel to Israel to visit her, with a special visa.
  • We stood in prayer, with Vijeya, five months concerning a court case that her son eventually won.
  • Sara, having suffered many years with pain in her head and shoulders, receive hope and joy again in her soul as the glorious healing power of the LORD came upon her.
  • Through tears of repentance, many local and international visitors have found relief from the enemy’s schemes, in miraculous ways.
  • A Jewish sister from Ethiopia prayed for and obtained a wonderful reunion with her daughter. This is one of many family reunions of visitors to the IPT..
  • One Friday evening, Keren, IPT Co-Director, met Mrs. Babe to pray for her son, Kerry who often drank alcohol with his friends. After praying, Kerry called to tell her that he and his had gone to the beach. The friends got drunk on beer—but, he did not feel like drinking. The four of them went into the water with a strong undercurrent. Kerry’s friends began to scream to him for help as they were dragged under water by the current. Kerry rescued two of his friends, but the third one drowned. The shock of his friend’s death was a wakeup call for these young men. The miracle is that Kerry did not take a drink that day and saved two friends from death. He got to see that darkness is real and so is the power of God to save and to protect us through prayer. As of this writing, we are still standing for Kerry’s salvation. Thank you Lord!
    Also, earlier in the year, Mrs. Babe’s husband had stopped going to church or having any fellowship with Jesus. Two days after praying about the situation, her husband attended church after being away 18 months. We continue to stand with Mrs. Babe for the promises of God that are “yes”—and, we say “Amen” [so be it] for her family.
  • We prayed with our sister Miriam whose daughter, Sunitha, had not spoken to her for four years. We prayed that Sunitha would place God back into her heart and be restored in her relationship with her mother. Four days after we prayed, Miriam and Sunitha was reunited after both repented and touch by LOVE’s miracle hand—our Holy God
  • Chandra’s husband needed a miracle for Visa. One day after we prayed, a call came from the visa department that the visa had been approved.
  • Mr. Anatholy is refreshed every time he comes to IPT as God speaks to him and helps him understand the Kingdom of God.
  • Alona had been hurt by the people around her and could not pray for 6 months. She came to spend personal prayer time in the individual prayer rooms, at the IP, and received an amazing healing. She shouted for joy and could not stop praising and saying “hallelujah, glory to God”.
  • Mrs. Ester is a regular attendee of the IPT. A few months ago, she came to pray and also asked us to pray a blessing over her and to pray for her children. Although, she is a widow who suffered years of abuse from her deceased alcoholic husband, she always kept her hope and trust in Yeshua for freedom from that situation. After her husband death, she left her son and daughter with relatives and traveled to Israel to work as a caretaker in order to provide for them.
    After working 6 years in Israel, her teenage children began to drift away from the family and lose their direction in life. Her son began attending college for which Ester had paid a lot of money toward his schooling. But, after some time he dropped out of school and stayed at home doing nothing or, spending time with street kids and getting into trouble. We prayed with Ester regarding the situation with her son. A week later, Ester comes back to us, overjoyed and in shock, to report that her son returned to college. Hallelujah for the mighty miracle working Power of God!
    A short time later, her son and daughter attended a Christian conference and gave their love to Yeshua, repenting and embracing salvation through the Blood of the Lamb!!! We are so happy for this family!
  • Mrs. Kumari was deaf in one ear and partial hearing in the other ear. She also suffered pain and decreased hearing in this ear. In tears, she pleaded with God as we joined her in prayer with tears as we prayed with her, asking The Lord for mercy on His daughter. Several days later, she called Keren reporting a significant improvement in both of her ears! Halleluiah! God is good!
  • Mrs. Babe, from India, has worked 8 years in Israel as a care provider. Typically, work visas are not renewed after they expire. However, she desperately wanted to stay in Israel and continue working to support her family. We prayed with Mrs. Babe, and two weeks later, she received a work visa that would allow her to stay as long as she needs to stay. The family she works for insisted that they did not want anyone else caring for their elderly father. It is a miracle as Israel is very strict with work Visas. We give Yeshua the Glory!
  • Miss Ellit, a Jewish friend we have known for many years, started coming to our meetings at IPT. Although, she has recorded several worship albums in Hebrew and English, she struggled with depression and relationships. We embraced her with love, covered her in fervent prayer, provided encouragement and powerful instruction from the Word of God. Resurrection power caused her to rise up spiritually taking hold of her God given authority to put satan under her feet. That morning she experienced no more shortness of breath, depression and other related symptoms from the devil disappeared. We Praise God for her.

The Jerusalem Center for Peace and Truth’s (JCPT) Israel Prayer Tower is available to support Israel within the many facets of its society. Many people come from the nations to pray, volunteer and labour among the Jewish people, in Israel.

These people, of which many are followers of all of the Jewish Scriptures, are a great gate for the Gospel to enter into the lives of the Jewish families they serve. With that in mind, JCPT started a 10:00 a.m., Sunday service that provides Indian workers, who are mainly care providers for Israel’s elderly community, a place to be encouraged, built up spiritually and taught the Word of God! Pray for these meetings and that God would anointed us with Wisdom and Power to minister to the people God chooses to bring to us.


Meet the Dhinakarans

Since 1980, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has been serving the people of all ages, faiths and nationalities bringing comfort and hope to the broken-hearted and healing to the souls, minds, bodies and families turning their sorrow into joy.