Prophetic Prayer Tower

A ministry of Prayer, Compassion, Reconciliation and Nation Building --- For over half a century, Jesus Calls Ministries has been in the forefront of providing hope to countless people from all walks of life through God’s love and care amidst their life’s grave situations.

A Distinct Calling

What makes Jesus Calls unique is its relentless focus on prayer, unequivocal care for the broken-hearted, and accessibility of services to all people without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion, race, denomination, culture, gender, economic status, language, national identity, age, or physical challenge. There is something for everyone to be blessed through Jesus Calls, which employs a multi-faceted approach to ministry that extends to men, women, young people, children, as well as all the partners of the ministry.

Our Inspiration

The Lord Jesus Christ is our first and foremost inspiration to serve Him in this increasingly hope-seeking world.

His selfless love and compassion demonstrated on the Cross of Calvary reaches the masses in and through the life and ministry of the founder, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and his family.The Dhinakarans are tirelessly engaged in the ministry’s activities every day in and day out and endeavour to bring glory to God and blessings to all people (II Corinthians 5:14).

Our multi-lingual TV programmes, magazines, books, DVDs, websites and social media play a major role in carrying out their messages, which are packed with the rejuvenating presence of the Holy Spirit to bring life to all.


Prophesying to nations and peoples

The Lord made Joseph prophesy His plan to save humanity by growing food for 7 years and preserving food for 14 years and distributing food throughout the world to all kingdoms. A financial plan will also be developed to let people continue to generate wealth even during the times of the great famine and finally save all of humanity. Similar prophetical grace will be given to young men and women to have (Acts 2:17) prophetic visions to do the same in each country, especially in America. (John 16:13). (c)”Prophesying to languages”- Mark 16:17- All the gifts of the Holy Spirit (diverse tongues, gifts of healing, discerning of Spirits) and fruit shall operate to bring in wonders and miracles (Mark 16:20) in each country.

How to make it happen?

As Anna and Simeon prayed day and night to make the 1st prophecy to be fulfilled in Jerusalem (Luke2:37,38) , there has to be 24 hours prophetical prayer to be offered in Jerusalem to usher in the Second Coming of Christ. For this, as it happened when the Holy Spirit descended for the first time in Jerusalem, prayer intercessors will have to come together from each country speaking their language which the Lord will purify. Then they will prophesy His will in one accord to usher Him back to the Earth (Zephaniah 3:9). When they take turns and prophesy and pray for it to be fulfilled, God’s plan for each nation will be prophesied through them to each nation. These prophecies will include naming the ruler, the laws for the land, as well as God’s solutions to heal the land (II Chronicles 7:14). The saints who pray there in Jerusalem shall send that prophetical prayer as incense to the Lord, which shall come back with God’s answers to each nation as a lightning, thunder, earth quake as in Rev 5:8. 8:3-5, I Kings 19:11,12, Haggai 2:6-10) .

Then as these prayer intercessors return after their tenure from Jerusalem to their country they shall be prophets or birth prophets in their land and the 24 hour prayers shall begin there in their country. The miracle working power of God shall be revealed through them with the gospel reaching their nation through them. Then their country shall interact with Israel as it should interact so that Israel will have interactions from each country of the world and this will prepare Israel spiritually and politically to receive the LORD again; this time in power and glory.