Let`s Build the House of The Lord


"Jesus Calls" Ministries, through its various facets, takes the love of Jesus Christ with His Compassion and Power across the world. Over 100 Prayer Towers have been established in over 10 countries according to The Vision God gave to late Brother D.G.S. Dhinakaran, founder of "Jesus Calls" ministries, and his son and co-founder, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. And now, according to the Word Dr. Paul received by the Spirit in 2008, the Israel Prayer Tower was established on November 4th 2013, in accordance to the will of God. Click here to watch!


Our most crucial Project is to invite the "Intercession from all Nations" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click to read more about the Vision of 24/7 prayer for the Nations.

Through this plan you can find the best way for you to be a part of this Vision!

The Israel Pray Tower hosting intercessors from all over the world. As we speak we are already receiving Prayer Warriors to participate in the 24/7 Prayer Watches. All Prayer Volunteers are staying with in comfortable rooms praying for you and for all the Nations of the World. We have had people from India, China, US, South Africa, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, England, Germany. Our Facilities can have 16 people at a time. We let our intercessors stay at The Prayer Tower in safe environment as they focus on God's Heart and pray.

Each volunteer we host is supported by $25 a day to cover accommodation and is required to stay with us at least two weeks.

Please take a moment and pray if you could support God's vision and his intercessors at The Israel Prayer Tower.

  • To sponsor a Prayer Intercessor for 1 day please donate $25
  • To sponsor a Prayer Intercessor for 2 weeks please donate $350
  • To sponsor a Prayer Intercessor for a full month please donate $750

We are very grateful for donations of any amount as you are helping us to continue lift up prayers and intercessions for all peoples and nations from Jerusalem!



Meet the Dhinakarans

Since 1980, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has been serving the people of all ages, faiths and nationalities bringing comfort and hope to the broken-hearted and healing to the souls, minds, bodies and families turning their sorrow into joy.